Arthroscopic Anterior Labral Repair or Anterior Stabilisation

Physiotherapy Programme by Dr Kalman Piper

Week 0 - 4
Week 0 - 4
  • A sling must be worn for 4 weeks after the surgery, including the waist band.
  • The sling is to be worn 24 hours per day, except when you are doing your exercises 3 – 4
    times per day, and in the shower (keep arm hanging by the side).
  • Exercises:
    1. Gentle Hanging arm or “Pendular” Shoulder Exercises;
    2. Passive Elbow Range of Motion Exercises (avoid biceps contraction);
    3. Active wrist and hand exercises with squeeze ball;
    4. Scapula or Shoulder blade squeezes and shrugs
Week 5 - 8
Week 5 - 8
  • Remove sling and commence physiotherapy programme.
  • Exercises:
    1. Full active Range of Motion Exercises without causing pain.
      • Avoid combined abduction and external rotation (ABER)
    2. Graduated Strengthening Program with Isometric exercises and Therabands.
      • Avoid Biceps strengthening
    3. Scapula Stabilisation Exercises with Theraband rows, shrugs holding weights, standing push ups against a wall.
    4. Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Exercises.
Week 9 - 12
Week 9 - 12
  • Terminal Stretches excluding combined abduction and external rotation.
  • Scapula rhythm retraining.
    1. Seated row concentrating on scapula depression and retraction.
    2. Avoid overhead lifting.
  • Ergometer for endurance training.
Week 13+
Week 13+
  • Commence sports specific rehabilitation. Throwing program from 4 months.

Return to Sports:

  • 6 weeks:
    Fitness Training (Jogging, Stationary Bike).
  • 3 months:
    Swimming and Non-contact sports; excludes throwing and overhead sports.
  • 4 months:
    Supervised Throwing Program.
  • 6 months:
    Progressive return to full sporting activity including overhead sports, throwing sports and upper limb weights. eg. rugby, tennis, volleyball, basketball, water polo.


  • Avoid Shoulder Press Behind-the-Head, Bench Press and inclined bench press on table. These exercises have an increased risk of re-dislocation.
  • Military presses (with hands and bar in front of face and visible at all times) and bench press on the floor are allowed.

Avoid these Exercises

Substitute these Exercises

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